Imogen Pettitt


Imogen Pettitt is a UK based artist, working nationally but living in Bristol.

Imogen’s creative life is varied and prolific, encompassing:

Moving image - e.g. Now (winner of TFTBTC) & Aurora

Performance - e.g. Les Velobici & Whispering Wood Folk

Curation - e.g. Telephones for Eyes

Installations - e.g. Network

Workshops - e.g. St Werbergs City Farm, Bristol Cycle Carnival, Shambala Festival, Majical Youth Theatre

Links to all documentation can be found on the Catalogue page.

Imogen works collaboratively, creating work which ranges from wild, colourful and full of silly dancing through to the other extreme of deeply meditative pieces. Working with movement, performance, light, film, installation, giant puppets and prop-making offers many different outcomes for her work. Although presented as politically disinterested, there is always a strong underpinning of ethical philosophy at the heart of her work.

Her academic interests include research and writing about live-art & collaborative art forms.

A wide variety of art, craft and performance workshops are available for any context.

To discuss working with Imogen please contact coed.onnen(at) - but replace (at) with @ !