Les Velobici


Les Velobici kick-started Europe’s bike-dance craze (oh yes there is!) as it’s only all-girl, clown-dance, trick-cycling, family-burlesque troupe! 

Things have changed over the past 4 years and we now have male and female identifying members, run games, perform dance routines and walkabout and host our own events. Our gigs are as diverse as Bristol Cycle Carnival, Narberth Childrens Festival, Fusion, Shambala and Bike Smut, we also work regularly with Bassline Circus. Our events are colourful and hilarious, sometimes family-friendly, such as Velo-gnome, sometimes not, such as BikeSmut!

Find us on FACEBOOK or check the blog:  www.lesvelobici.blogspot.co.uk

See our Bike Smut 2013 routine HERE & view our gallery:

Latest News: Please visit http://lesvelobici.co.uk/ for a much fancier website!

We are WINNERS!!! Watch the Guardian’s coverage of this memorable event:

Mountain Bike Chariot Racing 2014, World Alternative Games, Llanwrtyd Wells.